Tuscaloosa Alabama post tornado disaster area pictures.

Below are some of the pictures from the April 27,2011 catastrophic tornado. Todd Grube took these photos while volunteering in the disaster area of Tuscaloosa.



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Ground zero destruction from BRIDGES van.

Slab remaining of thrift store in Crestview AL, ground zero.

Boy enjoying puppy in midst of destruction, Holt AL.

Donated trailer to family in Holt AL.

Child collecting needed supplies from BRIDGES.

We Are T Town donating supplies.

Warehouse to hold donated supplies.

Michelle (We Are T Town) helping OK truck driver donations.

Warehouse with USA donated supplies.

Distribution center at ground zero donating supplies.

Donated Trucks with supplies

Bathtub survivor surveying uninsured home remains.

Fat Baby’s food trailer serving donated hot meals.

Another destroyed uninsured home.

Peoples sanctuary in mist of destruction.

Volunteers searching for items of deceased family members.

Ground Zero where most lives were lost.

Reasons why community cannot reach supplies!!

Local grass roots Nonprofit, We Are T Town!

Once used as place to worship the lord.

Looting is a problem in some neighborhoods.

Two of eight dogs that survived the storm.


Makeshift clinic in Catholic school gym.

Shelter at Belk Recreation Center in Tuscaloosa, AL 400+.