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A community in northern Guatemala has been selected to produce a sustainable agricultural plot of land. This project is meant to empower the people, increase nutrient rich fruits and vegetables, and to decrease deforestation.

La Union is a small village of approximately thirty-five families and is located in the Peten region of Northern Guatemala on the shores of Laguna Perdida.  La Union is a two-hour drive on poorly maintained dirt roads west of Peten's departmental capital, Flores.  The community is returning refugees the government relocated after the peace treaties were signed in Guatemala in 1996.

La Union, Irrigation and Fertilization Project encompasses a one to two hectare section of land.  This land will be tilled and leveled off to support the growth of a variety of diverse crops.  Soils samples have been studied and a crop selection given that are suitable for the nutrients in the soil.

The current agricultural technique is a slash and burn method of removing the rain forest to expose nutrient rich soils. Conversation with the community members indicates that they use the land for periods of approximately two years. At this point the nutrients of the soils have been depleted and the plots of land are abondend as the community moves onto another section of the rain forest, from which the forest is removed to prepare the area for agricultural uses.


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